Chapters 6-10

“…his heart too full for words.”

Cora (Chapter 6)

Chapters six through ten in As I Lay Dying starts off with Cora tells us about how she love how Darl acts towards his mother and how she hates Jewel’s behavior. She says she feels bad for Addie. Cora mentions how she is a religious woman numerous of times. She is upset that Jewel and Anse decides to take the load to get three dollars instead of being there for Addie when she needs them. Cora also complains about Dewey Dell basically wanting Addie to hurry up and die. Chapter Seven is about how Dewey Dell is mad that Darl knows their mother will die without saying anything. Chapter Eight Tulls discusses what going to happen to Addie’s kids after she dies with Cora. Chapter Nine is in Anse’s viewpoint and he is in a bad mood. He blames the road for all bad luck and for his wife’s health. Chapter Ten Darl states the previous events over out loud.

Now that I have gotten more into the book, I’m learning more about each character and how they feel about the situation. Faulkner shows us how much Anse loves his wife by telling us how he blames the road for her sickness. In the first five chapter, Anse said that it was the doctor fault also for telling her because she listens to whatever the doctor tells her. The author also shows us that by Anse doing all of this he is selfish. He doesn’t really care about anyone but himself.

Dewey Dell: Addie’s daughter and she selfish just like her father. Tull: Wealthy neighbor of the Bundren’s Anse: Addie’s husband and a selfish man

In this point of the book, Jewel is still my favorite character. I feel like Jewel is a strong character. I feel a connection with him through this book. I see through what the other see of him and see him for him and not the mean self- centered person everyone else sees him as.

Now I feel like Darl and Dewey Dell are tied as my least favorite characters. I still don’t like the fact that Darl is basically a crybaby. I feel like he wants everything his way but like shadows it with wanting to be under his mother at all time and in her presence. He also likes to make people feel the same way he does by telling what already happened out loud again to show how much he doesn’t like it, which is annoying. Dewey Dell is selfish and rude. She was mad at the fact that Darl knew that their mother was doing to die without words. That was really selfish of her and ignorant. Her attitude towards anyone that approaches her mother is wrong nasty also.

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