Chapter 56-59

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“One of them had to ride backward because the state’s money has a face to each backside and a backside to each face, and they are riding on the state’s money which is incest.”

This quote really stood out to me. I don’t know what it was about it, but it just did. I don’t even really understand this quote. This quote threw me all the way off. I even looked up the quote and came up with nothing. If I had to interpret this quote I would say it means that the state has inside and outside looks at everything and it all started with incest.

The last few chapters of this book were about the events that happened in the process of burying Addie. Vardaman goes with Dewey Dell to go to her appointment. He keeps saying that Darl is his brother but he went to Jackson because he went crazy. Dewey Dell came out the store saying that it aint going to work meaning that she finally realized that MacGOWAN was using her for sex and she couldn’t get rid of the baby. Darl is on the train going to Jackson and he says the exact same things that Vardaman says. Anse caught Dewey Dell with the ten dollars and took it from her after complaining about her calling him a thief. They finally buried Addie. Cash went to the doctor and Anse got a new wife.

The most surprising part of this book was that Addie wasn’t even dead for ten full days and Anse already had a new wife. Anse is mad disrespectful and I feel like he should have waited awhile before he got a new wife. I didn’t like the fact that he took all the money from his kids either to go buy himself new things. My final thought on Anse is that he is truly a selfish thief.

Vardaman is a young boy who is trying to process everything as it goes on, but he is really lost and doesn’t know what to do.

Dewey Dell is stuck with a baby and is sex crazy. She also listens to whatever someone tells her and doesn’t think for herself.

Darl turned into a psychopath or a genius. Either way he needs help. In Darl’s perspective, he first starts out in his point of view then he turns it into a more of a narrator point of view.

Cash is the wise, calm one. I don’t have much to say about him but he’s selfless.

Jewel is still my favorite character. He is the most intelligent person through this book although he is a hot head.

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Chapters 51-55

Hi, this is Baby Yanna reporting to you Chapters Fifty-one through Fifty-five.

“The somebody you was young with and you growed old in her and she growed old in you, seeing the old coming on and it was the one somebody you could hear say it dont matter and know it was the truth outen the hard world and all a man’s grief and trials. You all dont know.”

I chose this quote because I feel like Anse actually said something smart for once. He expressed something about Addie that no one else realized. I applauded Anse for this quote and respect him a little more.

Chapters Fifty-one through Fifty-five are about the arrival in Jefferson. Its starts off in Vardaman’s perspective. Vardaman says he saw something that Dewey Dell told him not to tell anyone. Later on in these five chapters, I learn that what he saw was Darl setting the barn on fire. He also talked about how they had to bust the concrete from off of Cash’s leg. Jewel’s back got burned from the fire. After that Darl got a point of view. He talked about how Jewel got into a dispute with some man. The next chapter was in Cash’s perspective. Cash talked about Darl setting the barn on fire. He wanted Darl to go to jail so they wouldn’t be sued. But he wanted him to go after they buried Addie. He felt like he had a right to see his mother be buried before he be locked up for the rest of his life. Anse forgot the spares at home so they had to borrow them. Darl got arrested and was mad at Cash for not telling him. The next chapter Peabody said that Anse was stupid for putting the concrete on Cash’s leg. The last chapter was about MacGOWAN trying to have sexual intercourse with Dewey Dell. She was trying to get rid of her baby, but he pretended to be the doctor so he could seduce her.

MacGOWAN: a young boy that works at the pharmacy, but pretends to be the doctor so he could do the deed with Dewey Dell

Darl has gotten crazier and turned psycho. He started laughing when nothing was funny, something like the Joker would do. Darl fought Jewel and the officer making Jewel say kill him.

Jewel is really an amazing character still. He was about to fight a man, who came at him wrong but he wasn’t going to back down to anybody without a fight.

Dewey Dell is so into getting rid of the baby that she is believing every lie possible. She wanted the baby gone so bad she was willing to do anything. She believed everything Lafe told her. At the beginning of the book I thought she loved Lafe, but if she loved him she would have wanted to keep the baby and marry him. But instead she is doing what he said and getting rid of the baby.

Chapters 46-50

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“Your mother was a horse, but who was your father, Jewel?”

This quote really stood out to me. Darl always talked about Jewel’s mother being a horse, but never to his face. The first time he did was rude. I did not like that comment whatsoever and Jewel didn’t either. Darl had no right to exclude Jewel the way he did and when he did.

In chapters forty-six through fifty, the Bundrens are almost to Jefferson. Jewel comes back in chapter forty-six. Darl asks Jewel who is his father and Jewel becomes upset. Vardaman is still lost in his own world. Cash’s foot and leg is boiled after they put cement on his leg. Vardaman has a lot of questions. Vardaman says that he saw something Dewey Dell doesn’t want anyone to know. Mr. Gillespie’s barn caught on fire and Jewel saves Addie’s coffin.

Darl is changing as a character. At the beginning of the book he was blunt, weird, sweet, and talkative. Now he is angry all the time and rude. He anger really shows with him burning the the barn. His rudeness shows when he asks Jewel about his father. Most of the characters had their change at the beginning of the book, but Darl’s changed over time. At first I didn’t notice it but the more time that past the worse Darl has gotten. It’s only a matter of time when Darl because really dangerous. He needs someone to be there for him, but at the same time he doesn’t.

Vardaman said a few times that he saw something that Dewey Dell doesn’t want him to tell anyone. I believe he saw her sleeping with Mr. Gillespie’s son. I’m not one hundred percent certain, but I really believe this is it. Dewey Dell has really been sexual throughout this whole book so I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

Jewel is really an amazing character. He came back; not for Anse but for his mother. It really shows how much he loves her. I know I wouldn’t have came back, although it was my mother I would have just paid my respects at another time. Jewel loves his mother so much he saved her coffin from the fire while getting burned. Jewel is absolutely the best character hands down. He won’t let anyone get in the way of his love for his mother.

Chapter 41-45

Q: What did the fish say when he swam into a cement wall?

A: “Dam.”

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“Rise,” He said; “repair to that home in which you have put a living lie, among those people with whom you have outraged My Word; confess your sin aloud. It is for them, for that deceived husband, to forgive you: not I.”


I chose this quote because Whitfield says that God is talking to him. I could tell that Faulkner was a religious man. Whitfield was ready to confess his sin and wanted to be forgiven. God told Whitfield that Anse was supposed to forgive him and not Him. I did not exactly understand that part, but if God said it don’t question it.

Chapters Forty-one through Forty-five are about the continued journey to Jefferson. Chapter Forty-one starts off with Whitfield finally ready to confess his sin to the Bundrens. He hears about Addie about to die so he wants to tell Anse himself about the sin they encounter, so Addie wouldn’t have to tell Anse. Whitfield travels to the Bundrens’ house, but on the way there he discovers that Addie already passed away. He goes back home and on the way he talks to God. He feels like he is forgiven because it’s the thought that counts and he tried to do the right thing. Chapter Forty-two is about the Bundrens going to Armstid’s house. Cash is halfway unconscious and is riding on top of the coffin. Jewel rides ahead of everyone to let Armstid know. Once they arrive, Armstid offers the house to them, but Anse denies and goes to the barn. Chapter Forty- three is when Anse tries to buy a team of mules from Armstid. Armstid tells him no, so Anse rides off on Jewel’s horse to find a team. The next day Anse comes back to say that he got a team by selling Cash’s money for his gramophone, the money for his false teeth, and trading Jewel’s horse. When Jewel heard that he was outrageous. He rode off on his horse. Cash passed out because of his leg and they had to get a doctor to look at it. The next morning the farmboy from the man Anse traded with brought the team of mules. The boy told them that the horse was there in the barn when he went to feed indicating that Jewel took the horse there. The next chapter Vardaman tells how he is riding in the wagon and watching the buzzards fly overhead. In Chapter Forty-five, Moseley talks about how the Bundrens come to the town of Mottson. He first notices Dewey Dell. She enters his store and tries to get him to give her something to get rid of the baby. She tells him that Lafe said that ten dollars was enough, but he told her he was not going to be in it and that she shouldn’t have been doing the things she did to get that baby. But since she has the baby she needs to raise him or her. He also told her that she needs to marry Lafe. When Dewey Dell left the store, Moseley was told about how the Bundrens had the town stinking from the eight-day-old corpse and how one of the boys bought cement for Cash’s leg.

Whitfield: Jewel’s father, Addie’s fairytale

Armstid: one of the families that helped the Bundrens out

Moseley: a storeowner in Mottson, is against abortion, wants Dewey Dell to raise her child and marry Lafe

I strongly dislike the character of Anse now. He didn’t just take things away from his children without their consent, but gave away something really special away just because he was a selfish and lazy old man. Anse didn’t want to do nothing for himself and every time a problem occurred he was kind of happy for it because deep down he didn’t want to take Addie’s body to Jefferson. But since the kids always found a solution to the problem he just went along with it. He puts on fronts so no one will truly know how he feels except for outsiders that know him.

I feel really bad for Jewel. You should know by now that Jewel is my all around favorite character. I was so heartbroken and I actually cried when Anse gave away Jewel’s horse. I felt the pain and backstabbing that Jewel felt. I applaud Jewel so much though because if it was me I wouldn’t have took my horse over to the man. Jewel didn’t only do it for Anse, but he did it for his mother. That shows how much he loved her and would do anything for her.

Chapters 36-40

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“I could just remember how my father used to say that the reason for living was to get ready to stay dead a long time.”

I chose this quote because it describes what I learned earlier in the book. Earlier in the book, Faulkner tells us that after Addie’s has Vardaman, she got sick. Then one day she decides she’s tired and ready to die. You can tell that both Addie and her father wanted to die. Addie felt like life was pointless. She seemed like she hated her life and everything involved in it.

Chapters Thirty-six through Forty are about what happened after the Bundrens and Tull got out of the river. Cash passed out and had to be dragged out the water. Cash was still alive but he couldn’t talk. Darl, Tull, and Jewel had to go back in the river to find Cash’s tools. Jewel ignored everything Anse told him. Dewey Dell kept looking at Jewel and Tull. Cash kept vomiting. Cora says Addie didn’t live a pure religious life because Addie believed she committed a lot of sin, and Cora thinks only God can judge you. Addie explains her life and how she regretted everything except her secret sin and Jewel.

Addie: Jewel’s and the other kids’ mother, Anse’s wife, the main character in the book, the person that dies.

These five chapters were the hardest to me. I was so lost at some points, but then I understood until I got confused again. On Addie’s chapter I was confused like the whole entire time. I caught some of the things in her story, but most of it I didn’t understand at all.

Addie’s chapter was very useful, though. It’s confirmed that Addie hated everyone in her family except Jewel. I think she hated Anse the most. She was angry when Anse gave her Cash and Darl. But she had an affair in the woods. When Anse went to touch her, she would just lay there. She said when she had her affair, she wanted it. After her affair, she refused to give Anse some. She was proud of Jewel, but she was sad her affair was over. She wanted her affair to continue. She even cared for Jewel better than what she did for Cash and Darl. She gave Anse two more kids after Jewel just to shut him up. When she gave him Vardaman, she said she gave Anse three children that wasn’t hers. She wanted to kill Anse; she hated him with a passion. After Vardaman, she was ready to die.

I don’t like Cora. Cora always judging someone but tells people don’t judge anything. She’s a hypocrite. She thinks she really holy and its annoying. She told Addie she was a bad mother. Even if that was true, she didn’t have to say that. She thinks she knows everything but she doesn’t. She hates Jewel just because his an affair baby. She compares Darl to Jesus which is wrong because no one is on God’s level. She thinks she’s better than everyone when she can’t even cook. How are you going to be a housewife and can’t cook?

Although everyone tries to portray Jewel as a bad guy, he is really an amazing person. Jewel went to look for Cash’s tool even after everybody stopped. Jewel is the most caring person in the book. No one can say Jewel is a bad person when he risked a lot for his family that made him an outsider.

Chapters 31-35

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“Jewel looked at pa, his eyes paler than ever. ‘He wont never eat a mouthful of yours,’ he said. ‘Not a mouthful. I’ll kill him first. Dont you never think it. Dont you never.’”

I chose this quote because it seems so powerful to me. It really shows the relationship between Anse and Jewel. Jewel and Anse really hate each other. Anse hates Jewel because Jewel is not his son and Jewel hates Anse because Anse treats him like an outsider. This quote also shows character to Jewel. He is strong and independent.

Throughout Chapters Thirty-one and Thirty-five, you learn more about each character. In chapter thirty one, Tull went to watch the Bundrens. Tull notices Dewey Dell looking at him like she wanted him to touch her sexually. Tull also observes everyone; Cash looking like his thinking about carpentry, Darl just confused, Anse happy about the bridge being gone, and Jewel angry. Tull refuses to let them use his mule even when Jewel offer to buy it. Chapter thirty two goes on to Darl’s perspective when he remembers when Jewel was sleeping on the regular. Darl thought that Jewel was messing with a married woman when the whole time, Jewel was working on clear land in order to get money. The next chapter goes to show Tull helping the family cross the sunken bridge and Anse repeating for the hundredth time he wants to meet the promises of Addie. Chapter thirty four continues with Cash, Jewel, and Darl arguing on how they should cross the river. Finally they come up with an idea, but it didn’t work and Anse’s mules ended up drowning. The last chapter of this Vardaman watches Cash lose the coffin and tries to get Darl to save it.

These few chapters you start to learn more and more about each character. Darl has mysterious eyes, and thats why people talk about him. Dewey Dell is sexually frustrated and wants to be more sexually active now that she is the only female in the household. Vardaman looks up at Jewel more than he does anyone else. Darl thinks he knows more than everybody but he doesn’t. Jewel and Anse despises each other. Tull is very confused about the family.

Darl thinks that Addie hated herself and Jewel. Addie didn’t hate herself because she had an affair and had Jewel. She hated that she was stuck in a life where she didn’t want to be. She was happy with Jewel’s father and resents Anse. She knew that she couldn’t be with Jewel’s father, so that’s why she was so much more caring for him than anyone else. If she hated him, why would she make Dewey Dell or Vardaman do Jewel’s job? Why would she watch Jewel sleep? Why would she always be there for Jewel no matter what? Most importantly, why was Jewel the last name she called? She couldn’t have hated him that much if she did. Darl never said, not once, that Addie did anything like that for any other one other than Jewel.

Now it’s time to talk about my favorite character again. The more and more this story goes on, it makes me fall in love with Jewel more and more. Everybody underestimates Jewel and don’t respect him, except Cash, Vardaman, and Addie. Cash sees Jewel as a responsibility hardworking man. Vardaman thinks of Jewel as his hero and idol. Addie looks at Jewel like her perfect life. Jewel is a strong, humble young man. He’s independent and doesn’t need anybody to help him survive. Without Addie the family needs guidance, except Jewel. A man like Jewel is what every girl needs.

That’s all for today folks.

Chapters 26-30

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“I notice how it takes a lazy man, a man that hates moving, to get set on moving once he does get started off, the same as he was set on staying still, like it aint the moving he hates so much as the starting and the stopping.”

I feel like this quote really explains Anse all the way. Anse is a lazy man who told his kids that if he sweats he’ll die just, so they’re do the work for him and he can relax. Everyone in the book noticed that he was a lazy man taking advantage of his children.

Chapters Twenty-six through Thirty are about the road trip to the burial site in Jefferson. Anse keeps trying to go to Jefferson even though the bridge is out. They spend the night at Samson’s house and turned down most of their hospitality. Jewel rode his horse the whole way because he didn’t want to ride him them. Dewey Dell keeps daydreaming.

Samson: a local farmer who offers hospitality to the Bundrens

Each of the family members are trying to cope with Addie’s death in their own ways. Cash copes with it by carpentry, Darl doesn’t acknowledge his mother’s existence, Dewey Dell expresses herself through sexuality, Vardaman uses fish, and Jewel uses horses.

Dewey Dell is more afraid of a life growing inside of her than death. She daydreams a lot about sexual intercourse to get her mind off of it. Her thoughts towards the end of the chapter really threw me off. It didn’t quite say if she felt her brothers beneath her, but she felt something under her. She also took me for a loop when she dreamt about killing Darl. I feel like her hormones are getting outrageous.

I think that Samson is Lafe’s twin brother. Dewey Dell doesn’t like Samson because of that. I don’t know why, but I kind of think that Samson and Lafe are identical twins and Dewey Dell thinks Samson is Lafe. If she thinks that then she thinks that Rachel is Lafe’s wife, and is jealous of that.

Jewel is still to himself and takes amazing care of his horse. I think the animal abuse from the first Jewel chapter was just a friendly thing that the horse and Jewel just did. Now he is absolutely my favorite character without a doubt.

That’s all for this post folks. Stay up-to-date with the Bundrens’. You will never know what’s about to happen next if you don’t.