Chapters 51-55

Hi, this is Baby Yanna reporting to you Chapters Fifty-one through Fifty-five.

“The somebody you was young with and you growed old in her and she growed old in you, seeing the old coming on and it was the one somebody you could hear say it dont matter and know it was the truth outen the hard world and all a man’s grief and trials. You all dont know.”

I chose this quote because I feel like Anse actually said something smart for once. He expressed something about Addie that no one else realized. I applauded Anse for this quote and respect him a little more.

Chapters Fifty-one through Fifty-five are about the arrival in Jefferson. Its starts off in Vardaman’s perspective. Vardaman says he saw something that Dewey Dell told him not to tell anyone. Later on in these five chapters, I learn that what he saw was Darl setting the barn on fire. He also talked about how they had to bust the concrete from off of Cash’s leg. Jewel’s back got burned from the fire. After that Darl got a point of view. He talked about how Jewel got into a dispute with some man. The next chapter was in Cash’s perspective. Cash talked about Darl setting the barn on fire. He wanted Darl to go to jail so they wouldn’t be sued. But he wanted him to go after they buried Addie. He felt like he had a right to see his mother be buried before he be locked up for the rest of his life. Anse forgot the spares at home so they had to borrow them. Darl got arrested and was mad at Cash for not telling him. The next chapter Peabody said that Anse was stupid for putting the concrete on Cash’s leg. The last chapter was about MacGOWAN trying to have sexual intercourse with Dewey Dell. She was trying to get rid of her baby, but he pretended to be the doctor so he could seduce her.

MacGOWAN: a young boy that works at the pharmacy, but pretends to be the doctor so he could do the deed with Dewey Dell

Darl has gotten crazier and turned psycho. He started laughing when nothing was funny, something like the Joker would do. Darl fought Jewel and the officer making Jewel say kill him.

Jewel is really an amazing character still. He was about to fight a man, who came at him wrong but he wasn’t going to back down to anybody without a fight.

Dewey Dell is so into getting rid of the baby that she is believing every lie possible. She wanted the baby gone so bad she was willing to do anything. She believed everything Lafe told her. At the beginning of the book I thought she loved Lafe, but if she loved him she would have wanted to keep the baby and marry him. But instead she is doing what he said and getting rid of the baby.

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