Chapters 16-20

“It’s like a man that’s let everything slide all his life to get set on something that will make the most trouble for everybody he knows.” -Uncle Billy

Chapters sixteen through twenty is about Cash finishing the coffin and Tull helping. Tull feels like God put woman on the earth to help men. He also thinks that if God were to take a break, He would put Cora in charge. Cash finally finishes the coffin. Jewel and Darl still aren’t back yet.

In the book, I noticed that Darl is telling the story while he’s not there, like I said in my last blog. So, I came to the conclusion that he is the main character and also the main author. William Faulkner is telling his part of the story through Darl.

Vardaman seems lost now. I’m with him on being lost. He also finished the fifth and final state of grief which is acceptance. He accepted the fact that his mother died, but he still doesn’t want her nailed up in the coffin. Vardaman’s chapter made me start to think because there was on one sentence in the chapter and that was, “My mother is a fish.” He mentioned earlier the comparison in the two, and he’s now making the two equivalent. His voice in the book has a lot of importance now. I feel like he is also a main character and a narrator.

Mr. Peabody and Tull are both fake and using the Bundren’s for money. Tull might come off as a good Christian man, but he has his ways. He’s always judging the Bundren’s, and good Christians don’t judge anyone. I DID NOT like how he compared Cora to God. No one is an equal to God. I do agree with him on women were put on the earth to help men because they don’t know what’s good in front of them.

Jewel hasn’t had a part in this book for a while now. I’m starting to miss him. I know that when he has a part he’s going to get everything off his chest.

I can’t wait for the next few chapters. Fingers crossed. Until next time.

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