Chapters 21-25

I’m back with another post. Are you all ready?

“I cannot love my mother because I have no mother. Jewel’s mother is a horse.”

Darl says this because his mother has died. He says Jewel’s mother is a horse because Jewel has a crazy and wild love for his horse like he does for his mother.

In Chapters Twenty-one through Twenty-five, Faulkner goes to show us that Jewel and Darl are back and now everyone is about to take Addie to her burial site. Jewel curses a lot in these five chapters and Darl keeps saying Jewel’s mother is a horse. Vardaman keeps saying his mother is a fish. Anse wants everything to be done just the way Addie wanted it to be.

Cash: Addie’s oldest son. Best carpenter in town.

I have been noticing the treatment of Jewel and how it is different from the rest of the family. With the help of another site, I have figured out that Jewel was fathered by another man, different from everyone else in the family. What I inferred too is that Addie loved her affair because she always treated Jewel special. Addie hated being married to Anse, and rather be with Jewel’s father. Noting this, I think that’s why Jewel was the last name she said before she died. Darl also told Vardaman that his mother can’t be a horse also because they don’t have the same dad.

Vardaman is still confused about what is going on. He keeps saying his mother is a fish. The fish represents the one he killed earlier in the book. I also think of Jesus’s Last Supper where he had the disciples drink his blood and eat his flesh, just like the family did the fish.

I found it funny how Dewey Dell was ready to go to town and that she told Anse she would not sell the cake to any town boys. Dewey Dell was already pregnant. I’m think that the Lafe boy who she has been thinking about all the time, A.K.A her baby’s daddy, is a town boy. In the time period now, cake is referred to as the booty. Now I’m not saying that Dewey Dell sold her booty to Lafe, but I am saying that she already gave up the cake to a town boy already.

Jewel is still my favorite character. Now that he is back, I’m so happy. Jewel is the second character I have seen in this book that has really been affected by Addie’s death. Jewel really took her death hard just like Vardaman. The only difference is Jewel took his out by anger. I could tell that Jewel really loved his mother. He didn’t want her to die because he knew she was the only one that truly loved him. I know that in due time Jewel is just going to break down, but right now he is trying to avoid thinking about it. Jewel likes to be strong and doesn’t want anybody seeing him weak. I just wish I was there for Jewel to give him a shoulder to cry on.

I have a three-way tie for my least favorite character. Anse, Darl, and Dewey Dell are my least favorite characters. Anse is just a lazy man who wants everyone to do his work for him. I believe that he’s not really sad because his wife has died, but because she is gone and there’s no one to really take care of him. Now I do believe he actually cared about her because he does want everything to be the way she wanted it to be. Darl is still annoying. I absolutely did not like how he told Vardaman that his mother can’t be a horse because Jewel’s mother is a horse. He’s treating Jewel like an outsider. I believe that if someone has the same mother as you, then it doesn’t matter about who your father is. Darl acts like it’s Jewel’s fault that he has a different father. Dewey Dell is just aggravating. I believe that she is using her mother’s death as a token to get into town to see Lafe. I really tell she is pregnant now because her hormones are kicking in. She is bipolar from her mood swings.

Well, that’s all for today folks. Catch me later on the next post.

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