Chapter 41-45

Q: What did the fish say when he swam into a cement wall?

A: “Dam.”

Back again with another post.

“Rise,” He said; “repair to that home in which you have put a living lie, among those people with whom you have outraged My Word; confess your sin aloud. It is for them, for that deceived husband, to forgive you: not I.”


I chose this quote because Whitfield says that God is talking to him. I could tell that Faulkner was a religious man. Whitfield was ready to confess his sin and wanted to be forgiven. God told Whitfield that Anse was supposed to forgive him and not Him. I did not exactly understand that part, but if God said it don’t question it.

Chapters Forty-one through Forty-five are about the continued journey to Jefferson. Chapter Forty-one starts off with Whitfield finally ready to confess his sin to the Bundrens. He hears about Addie about to die so he wants to tell Anse himself about the sin they encounter, so Addie wouldn’t have to tell Anse. Whitfield travels to the Bundrens’ house, but on the way there he discovers that Addie already passed away. He goes back home and on the way he talks to God. He feels like he is forgiven because it’s the thought that counts and he tried to do the right thing. Chapter Forty-two is about the Bundrens going to Armstid’s house. Cash is halfway unconscious and is riding on top of the coffin. Jewel rides ahead of everyone to let Armstid know. Once they arrive, Armstid offers the house to them, but Anse denies and goes to the barn. Chapter Forty- three is when Anse tries to buy a team of mules from Armstid. Armstid tells him no, so Anse rides off on Jewel’s horse to find a team. The next day Anse comes back to say that he got a team by selling Cash’s money for his gramophone, the money for his false teeth, and trading Jewel’s horse. When Jewel heard that he was outrageous. He rode off on his horse. Cash passed out because of his leg and they had to get a doctor to look at it. The next morning the farmboy from the man Anse traded with brought the team of mules. The boy told them that the horse was there in the barn when he went to feed indicating that Jewel took the horse there. The next chapter Vardaman tells how he is riding in the wagon and watching the buzzards fly overhead. In Chapter Forty-five, Moseley talks about how the Bundrens come to the town of Mottson. He first notices Dewey Dell. She enters his store and tries to get him to give her something to get rid of the baby. She tells him that Lafe said that ten dollars was enough, but he told her he was not going to be in it and that she shouldn’t have been doing the things she did to get that baby. But since she has the baby she needs to raise him or her. He also told her that she needs to marry Lafe. When Dewey Dell left the store, Moseley was told about how the Bundrens had the town stinking from the eight-day-old corpse and how one of the boys bought cement for Cash’s leg.

Whitfield: Jewel’s father, Addie’s fairytale

Armstid: one of the families that helped the Bundrens out

Moseley: a storeowner in Mottson, is against abortion, wants Dewey Dell to raise her child and marry Lafe

I strongly dislike the character of Anse now. He didn’t just take things away from his children without their consent, but gave away something really special away just because he was a selfish and lazy old man. Anse didn’t want to do nothing for himself and every time a problem occurred he was kind of happy for it because deep down he didn’t want to take Addie’s body to Jefferson. But since the kids always found a solution to the problem he just went along with it. He puts on fronts so no one will truly know how he feels except for outsiders that know him.

I feel really bad for Jewel. You should know by now that Jewel is my all around favorite character. I was so heartbroken and I actually cried when Anse gave away Jewel’s horse. I felt the pain and backstabbing that Jewel felt. I applaud Jewel so much though because if it was me I wouldn’t have took my horse over to the man. Jewel didn’t only do it for Anse, but he did it for his mother. That shows how much he loved her and would do anything for her.

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