Chapters 36-40

Is this what you been waiting for? Another post? Could it be, Baby Yanna made another blog about As I Lay Dying? It’s true, the wait is over.

“I could just remember how my father used to say that the reason for living was to get ready to stay dead a long time.”

I chose this quote because it describes what I learned earlier in the book. Earlier in the book, Faulkner tells us that after Addie’s has Vardaman, she got sick. Then one day she decides she’s tired and ready to die. You can tell that both Addie and her father wanted to die. Addie felt like life was pointless. She seemed like she hated her life and everything involved in it.

Chapters Thirty-six through Forty are about what happened after the Bundrens and Tull got out of the river. Cash passed out and had to be dragged out the water. Cash was still alive but he couldn’t talk. Darl, Tull, and Jewel had to go back in the river to find Cash’s tools. Jewel ignored everything Anse told him. Dewey Dell kept looking at Jewel and Tull. Cash kept vomiting. Cora says Addie didn’t live a pure religious life because Addie believed she committed a lot of sin, and Cora thinks only God can judge you. Addie explains her life and how she regretted everything except her secret sin and Jewel.

Addie: Jewel’s and the other kids’ mother, Anse’s wife, the main character in the book, the person that dies.

These five chapters were the hardest to me. I was so lost at some points, but then I understood until I got confused again. On Addie’s chapter I was confused like the whole entire time. I caught some of the things in her story, but most of it I didn’t understand at all.

Addie’s chapter was very useful, though. It’s confirmed that Addie hated everyone in her family except Jewel. I think she hated Anse the most. She was angry when Anse gave her Cash and Darl. But she had an affair in the woods. When Anse went to touch her, she would just lay there. She said when she had her affair, she wanted it. After her affair, she refused to give Anse some. She was proud of Jewel, but she was sad her affair was over. She wanted her affair to continue. She even cared for Jewel better than what she did for Cash and Darl. She gave Anse two more kids after Jewel just to shut him up. When she gave him Vardaman, she said she gave Anse three children that wasn’t hers. She wanted to kill Anse; she hated him with a passion. After Vardaman, she was ready to die.

I don’t like Cora. Cora always judging someone but tells people don’t judge anything. She’s a hypocrite. She thinks she really holy and its annoying. She told Addie she was a bad mother. Even if that was true, she didn’t have to say that. She thinks she knows everything but she doesn’t. She hates Jewel just because his an affair baby. She compares Darl to Jesus which is wrong because no one is on God’s level. She thinks she’s better than everyone when she can’t even cook. How are you going to be a housewife and can’t cook?

Although everyone tries to portray Jewel as a bad guy, he is really an amazing person. Jewel went to look for Cash’s tool even after everybody stopped. Jewel is the most caring person in the book. No one can say Jewel is a bad person when he risked a lot for his family that made him an outsider.

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