Chapters 26-30

Baby Yanna back at it again with another post.

“I notice how it takes a lazy man, a man that hates moving, to get set on moving once he does get started off, the same as he was set on staying still, like it aint the moving he hates so much as the starting and the stopping.”

I feel like this quote really explains Anse all the way. Anse is a lazy man who told his kids that if he sweats he’ll die just, so they’re do the work for him and he can relax. Everyone in the book noticed that he was a lazy man taking advantage of his children.

Chapters Twenty-six through Thirty are about the road trip to the burial site in Jefferson. Anse keeps trying to go to Jefferson even though the bridge is out. They spend the night at Samson’s house and turned down most of their hospitality. Jewel rode his horse the whole way because he didn’t want to ride him them. Dewey Dell keeps daydreaming.

Samson: a local farmer who offers hospitality to the Bundrens

Each of the family members are trying to cope with Addie’s death in their own ways. Cash copes with it by carpentry, Darl doesn’t acknowledge his mother’s existence, Dewey Dell expresses herself through sexuality, Vardaman uses fish, and Jewel uses horses.

Dewey Dell is more afraid of a life growing inside of her than death. She daydreams a lot about sexual intercourse to get her mind off of it. Her thoughts towards the end of the chapter really threw me off. It didn’t quite say if she felt her brothers beneath her, but she felt something under her. She also took me for a loop when she dreamt about killing Darl. I feel like her hormones are getting outrageous.

I think that Samson is Lafe’s twin brother. Dewey Dell doesn’t like Samson because of that. I don’t know why, but I kind of think that Samson and Lafe are identical twins and Dewey Dell thinks Samson is Lafe. If she thinks that then she thinks that Rachel is Lafe’s wife, and is jealous of that.

Jewel is still to himself and takes amazing care of his horse. I think the animal abuse from the first Jewel chapter was just a friendly thing that the horse and Jewel just did. Now he is absolutely my favorite character without a doubt.

That’s all for this post folks. Stay up-to-date with the Bundrens’. You will never know what’s about to happen next if you don’t.

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