Chapters 31-35

Are. You. Ready. For. Another. Post. Well you got it. It’s Baby Yanna and I got another post for you.

“Jewel looked at pa, his eyes paler than ever. ‘He wont never eat a mouthful of yours,’ he said. ‘Not a mouthful. I’ll kill him first. Dont you never think it. Dont you never.’”

I chose this quote because it seems so powerful to me. It really shows the relationship between Anse and Jewel. Jewel and Anse really hate each other. Anse hates Jewel because Jewel is not his son and Jewel hates Anse because Anse treats him like an outsider. This quote also shows character to Jewel. He is strong and independent.

Throughout Chapters Thirty-one and Thirty-five, you learn more about each character. In chapter thirty one, Tull went to watch the Bundrens. Tull notices Dewey Dell looking at him like she wanted him to touch her sexually. Tull also observes everyone; Cash looking like his thinking about carpentry, Darl just confused, Anse happy about the bridge being gone, and Jewel angry. Tull refuses to let them use his mule even when Jewel offer to buy it. Chapter thirty two goes on to Darl’s perspective when he remembers when Jewel was sleeping on the regular. Darl thought that Jewel was messing with a married woman when the whole time, Jewel was working on clear land in order to get money. The next chapter goes to show Tull helping the family cross the sunken bridge and Anse repeating for the hundredth time he wants to meet the promises of Addie. Chapter thirty four continues with Cash, Jewel, and Darl arguing on how they should cross the river. Finally they come up with an idea, but it didn’t work and Anse’s mules ended up drowning. The last chapter of this Vardaman watches Cash lose the coffin and tries to get Darl to save it.

These few chapters you start to learn more and more about each character. Darl has mysterious eyes, and thats why people talk about him. Dewey Dell is sexually frustrated and wants to be more sexually active now that she is the only female in the household. Vardaman looks up at Jewel more than he does anyone else. Darl thinks he knows more than everybody but he doesn’t. Jewel and Anse despises each other. Tull is very confused about the family.

Darl thinks that Addie hated herself and Jewel. Addie didn’t hate herself because she had an affair and had Jewel. She hated that she was stuck in a life where she didn’t want to be. She was happy with Jewel’s father and resents Anse. She knew that she couldn’t be with Jewel’s father, so that’s why she was so much more caring for him than anyone else. If she hated him, why would she make Dewey Dell or Vardaman do Jewel’s job? Why would she watch Jewel sleep? Why would she always be there for Jewel no matter what? Most importantly, why was Jewel the last name she called? She couldn’t have hated him that much if she did. Darl never said, not once, that Addie did anything like that for any other one other than Jewel.

Now it’s time to talk about my favorite character again. The more and more this story goes on, it makes me fall in love with Jewel more and more. Everybody underestimates Jewel and don’t respect him, except Cash, Vardaman, and Addie. Cash sees Jewel as a responsibility hardworking man. Vardaman thinks of Jewel as his hero and idol. Addie looks at Jewel like her perfect life. Jewel is a strong, humble young man. He’s independent and doesn’t need anybody to help him survive. Without Addie the family needs guidance, except Jewel. A man like Jewel is what every girl needs.

That’s all for today folks.

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